Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feel Like Your Job is Useless, Mom?

When I was rolling out of bed this morning, Chris was just getting in from his weekly mentoring meeting with a younger guy.  They are studying Romans 2.  He has several morning and lunch appointments this week with young adults and had a few last week.  I am proud of my husband.  I love that he mentors others, that he takes an interest in them and they in him.

But, let's just be honest for a minute.  As a mom, do you ever have those moments of...  I want to take a shower and mentor a Millennial today.  I want to have deep spiritual discussion and break down Romans 2.  I want to have lunch at Humdingers and talk about what God is doing in my life over sweet potato fries.  I want to drink coffee while it's hot and not be interrupted to pour cinnamon toast crunch.

Well, I've had and have these moments.  These times are too short to wallow for long.  The days are long, but the years are quick.  Mothers, the diapers changed, the books read, the long hours at home are not wasted.  Don't think for one minute that what you're doing does not matter.  Pointing lives to Christ is no small task.  Sidenote:  If you desire to mentor younger girls, they will come to you.  If you are a stay-at-home-mom, invite younger girls into your home.

Sometimes to get myself going, I need a plan.
So, what are we doing today? (Not necessarily in this order)
1.  Math flash cards (Sarah, multiplication -- Abby, addition)
2.  Computer time -- 30 minutes each because everyone helped clean house last night
3.  Pillow fight -- I took this idea from someone else
4.  Reading time -- 1 hour each day, the public library gives great rewards
5.  Bible time -- we've been reading 15 min. a day, just started reading through Acts
6.  Tonight -- Jerry's Sno Cones

I like this blog post for multiple reasons, but if you're having a hard time seeing how your time at home is benefiting your children, read this:  What I Don’t Look For In a Church

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  1. Thank you for this! That's exactly how I feel most days (or...every day). Trying to take every thought captive and remember that these long days/short years are an investment in these little lives. How heavy that responsibility!

    P.S. We should get together at some quiet place and talk about this. :) And also talking to other moms who have been where I am makes me feel sane.