Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

As children, we obey our parents.  As adult children, we honor our parents.  I certainly wasn't great at the former, but I try a little harder at the latter.  In honor of my dad on Father's Day, here are a few things that come to mind when thinking of my dad although the list is not exhaustive.
Some great things about my dad:
1.  My dad can build/fix anything.  If he can't, he'll figure it out.
2.  My dad has always provided for his family.  Always.
3.  My dad is loyal and committed.
4.  He believes in a job well done.  If it's not done well, it's not worth doing.
5.  He loves his grandchildren.  He would do anything for them.
6.  He is dedicated to the Body of Christ.
7.  His faith in Christ has never wavered.
8.  My dad is simplistic (to the point of saving the cotton from a medicine bottle).
9.  He loves a chainsaw.
10.  His house is always open to anyone.

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