Monday, April 18, 2011

Make Holy Week Holy to the Lord

When I've been out of town for a week, I usually go into Monday morning like a wild woman. So, this morning has started with much irritation because I feel overwhelmed before my feet hit the floor. I'm looking at four unmade beds, a mound of laundry, a little work for a part-time job, a child who I should have registered for kindergarten (who is without a birth certificate and immunizations), making dinner for small group -- and those are on the big list before noon. That list doesn't include shower, groceries, exercise, and schoolwork (for Coop). Then, I take a quick look at Twitter and see a post from Jonathan McIntosh that says, "Set your gaze steadily on Jesus during holy week. Watch him love you to the uttermost." Some think the Gospel needs to be preached to those who do not know Christ (and it does). But, likewise, for Christ-followers, the Gospel has to be preached daily -- by others and ourselves -- to us. I have to be reminded of what I already know.

In this week of all weeks, the laundry can wait. The beds can wait. The immunizations can wait. The shower... well, I'll keep for the sake of others. I must set aside the trite for what has been set apart for me -- the death I deserved the die. He lived a life I could not live and died the death I deserved to die. Then, He rose victorious over the grave. Death, where is your sting? Hell, where is your victory?

How can I wake on Monday morning focused on myself and my schedule? I must set my gaze steadily on Jesus during this holy week.

Make Holy Week Holy to the Lord

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