Thursday, April 14, 2011

Christ from the O.T.

I'm at The Gospel Coalition Conference in Chicago this week hoping to retain even a portion of the knowledge being poured upon me.  Mostly, though, my hope is for the knowledge to penetrate the depths of my heart and so provoke change.  I am able to sit under the teachings of some of the greatest preachers of our time and what will be some of the greatest preachers of all time such as Tim Keller, D.A. Carson (brilliant), John Piper, Mark Dever, Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, Crawford Loritts and many others.

The topic for the week is Preaching Christ from the Old Testament.  Tim Keller preached from Exodus our first day here, and I want to add my notes from his sermon.  I will not come close to doing his sermon justice, not even in my notes, but there were a few key points, one in particular, that were pivotal for me.

Exodus 14:5

1.  Salvation is about getting out.  What are we getting out of?  Bondage with layers.  Even though the people were freed from Egypt, they still felt like slaves in their minds.  We wrestle the same the sin.  Keller said, "You can take the people out of slavery, but you can't take the slavery out of the people."  That's why we have been freed, are being freed and will be freed.  Sanctification is progressive.

2.  How do we get out?  Crossing over by grace.  The Israelites, in passing through the Red Sea left false masters on one side and crossed over to life.  We cross over from death to life.  Some probably walked through with confidence, some afraid.  You are not saved because of the quality of your faith but by the object of your faith.  That object being Christ.

3.  Why is it possible for us to get out?  The Israelites weren't any holier/better/righteous than the Egyptians.  They weren't freed because of who they were.  They had a mediator.  We have a mediator - Christ.

I love that I am not saved by the quality of my faith because it is definitely lacking and wavers day to day.  Thankfully, it relies only upon the Object of my faith.

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