Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Am Everything But Okay / Part 6

There are times we want to give in to despair.  Sometimes discouragement drains our energy.  We may be far past our ability to endure.  Our outlook may seem hopeless.

Following the admittance of the affair, there were many sleepless nights, days of choking down food and questions of whether or not our marriage could survive.  All of these were dimmed by the God who met us in the middle of our situation.  Chris and I didn't overcome an affair because of our hard work but as Paul David Tripp says, "God extends his grace to me because I am everything but okay."  We needed grace in our marriage then, and we continually need grace in our marriage now.  We needed people to help in our marriage then, and we continually need people to help in our marriage now.

We felt past our ability to endure, but God was with us in our suffering.  He's not standing on the outside watching to see how we'll do or on the sidelines cheering half-heartedly.  He is in it with us.  He gives us the grace to endure.  He provides help in others.

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